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Garage Door Openers

Today’s garage door openers are equiped with the latest technology to insure safety and provide years of service.  Steich Overhead Doors supplies a complete line of overhead door automatic openers.  Belt, Chain, Jack Shaft, I-Drive are available in various models and sizes.

Liftmaster Model 8360 is a premium series DC battery backup chain drive opener.  The information on this model is from their website.  Here are the detailed specifications for this recommended model:

The LiftMaster® 8360 is rugged, reliable, and features an integrated Battery Backup System that ensures your garage door opener, as well as the safety and security features, will continue to work even when the power is out. It is also equipped with built-in MyQ® technology enabling you to close your garage door or turn lights on or off using a smartphone or computer – from anywhere in the world.
This model has earned the Good Housekeeping seal.
  • Equipped with MyQ® technology that lets you monitor and control your garage door and house lights remotely by using a computer or smartphone (LiftMaster® Internet Gateway accessory required). The LiftMaster® Internet Gateway is only compatible with LiftMaster® garage door opener models 8360, 8550 and 8500 (which have a yellow learn button)
  • Auto-force feature constantly monitors garage door system and adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations, floor height, and door track movement
  • The Smart Garage Door Opener® lets you electronically program security codes from the Multi-Function Control Panel or the powerhead
  • Whole-garage lighting with adjustable light time delay; compatible with CFL bulbs
  • Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode
  • HOMELINK® compatible with QuickTrain™ technology
  • Meets all UL325 requirements


  • The Protector System® safety sensors project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while door is going down
  • Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • Opener lights turn on automatically when The Protector System’s infrared beam is broken
  • Security+2.0™ rolling code technology eliminates frequency interference and assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used
  • Patented PosiLock® system ensures the door remains securely locked when it is closed
  • Alert-2-Close warning system provides audible and visual warnings that the garage door is about to close when using the Timer-to-Close or remote closing features
  • Manual release handle in case of power failure

Garage Door Servicing Tips

We recommend you service your garage door at the minimum of two times a year.  If you live in the Montgomery County or Bucks County Pennsylvania, you can call us at Steich Overhead Doors for a complete garage door checkup.  We will come out and make sure everything is working properly and tighten, adjust and repair whatever is necessary.

There are some fundamental things that should be checked on your garage door system.

  • Bottom door seal
  • Torsion spring or extension spring
  • Panel hinges
  • Trolley and track alignment
  • Safety photo sensor alignment
  • Keyed lock
  • Wall push button
  • Opener drive screw/belt/chain
  • Remote control programming
  • Overall alignment and balance
  • Adjustment of door travel  limits
  • Adjustment of door opener force settings

If you decided to call a pro to service your garage door it is a good idea to have some information available before you call.  This will help the service company make a more efficient and successful trip.

You will need to know the exact size of your door and whether it is insulated or not.  If you have a garage door opener, determine the manufacturer, make and model.   Lastly, take a look at your photo sensors at the bottom of the door opening and see if you can find a make and model number for those as well.

Taking some time before the call can save you time and money if your garage door needs servicing.