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How to Choose A Garage Door Company

Here are a few tips on how to select a Garage Door Company when you decide it’s time to repair or replace the garage or overhead door on your home or business.

Find a local company.  It is always best to deal with a local Garage Door Company.  They will know the climate and the conditions the door will be subjected to and can select a product based on insulation and wind load needs.

Determine how long they have been in business.  Just because a company has been around for years does not guarantee you will get a great product and service, but it does normally guarantee they will be there later if and when you need them.

Ask for local references.  Check out local review sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp or Angie’s List for comments on the company.  Just be aware that one or two negative comments should not rule out a company, but be wary of those with many complaints.

It’s a good idea to make sure the company has a state registration number.  This lets you know that they are registered to conduct business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Also being a member of professional industry associations can also provide additional trust.

Ask about product and service warranties.  Find out the manufacturer of the door you will be getting and what they warranty.  Check for additional or special options and safety features, insulation, etc.  that may be available.

Compare prices.  Don’t think that the lowest price will always provide the best solution to your garage door needs.  Be sure you compare quality along with the final price.

Get an estimate in writing.  An estimate should detail the work to be done, the materials needed, the labor required, and the length of time the job will take.

Once you make a decision, get a contract signed with all the products and service spelled out.  If you don’t understand something be sure to ask for clarification.  A reputable company will not mind explaining what they do and the services they provide.

And lastly, beware of high pressure sales tactics.  Steich Overhead Doors has been in business in the Bedminster PA. area for over 30 years and we rely on our satisfied customers and not pressure sales tactics to sell our products.  We will be happy to provide you with a list of customers we have done business with in your area.  Just give us a call at 215-795-2500.

Garage Door Openers

Product info banner

Steich Overhead Doors would like to showcase one of our premier garage door openers from Linear.

We recommend using this model  for custom garage door applications that require more power for the larger, heavier doors.

linear opener

Here is the information on the opener from Linear’s website:

The Model LCO75 3/4 HP Deluxe Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator is Linear’s most powerful door operator yet. It can be used in light-duty commercial installations or in residential applications with heavy carriage house style garage doors. The LCO75 has a maximum duty cycle rating of 13 operations per hour; 50 operations per day, far more than other operator designs.

The LCO75 can be used with Linear’s belt-drive or chain-drive rail systems in 7-foot, 8-foot, and 10-foot lengths (10-foot rails available in chain-drive only). The rails are pre-assembled and pre-tensioned for quick and simple installation. The standard “T-rails” can be converted to stronger “I-rails” with Linear’s bolt-on Carriage House Conversion Kits CHCR-7/8, CHCR-8, and CHCR-10.

To make installation even easier, all the controls and indicators are on one side of the operator. Easy access is provided for the open and close limits, open and close door force settings, transmitter learn/erase button, and RF signal/interference indicator. The built-in diagnostic system flashes the operator’s dual courtesy lights to indicate six possible trouble conditions.

The LCO75 includes infrared safety beams, a 3-button Model MCT-3 transmitter, a lighted deluxe wall station with vacation mode radio disable switch and courtesy light control button.


  • 115 VAC, Single phase, 3/4 HP only
  • Maximum duty cycle: 13 cycles per hour, 50 cycles per day
  • Maximum door height: 14 feet


  • All steel frame
  • Noise-reducing technology for quieter operation
  • Commercial grade rail system
  • Easy external limit adjustment
  • Quick release door arm for manual operation
  • Automatic reconnect trolley
  • Standard door speed is approximately 9 inches per second
  • Standard rail and chain assemblies for 8, 10, 12, and 14 foot doors
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • Torque sensing reversing
  • Solid state control circuitry
  • Deluxe lighted wall station
  • 3-Button MegaCode transmitter
  • Built-in MegaCode format receiver
  • Includes infrared photo eye safety beam
  • Dual courtesy lights

Rail Options

  • 12-foot rail (includes HCI12 12’ chain I-rail)
  • 14-foot rail (includes HCI12 12’ chain I-rail and HCI+2 2’ chain I-rail extension)
  • CHCR-10 (Bolt-on I-rail conversion kit for carriage house doors, fits HCT10C 10-ft chain drive T-rail)


  • Lifetime – Motor
  • Lifetime – Belt
  • 5 years – Chain
  • 5 years – Mechanical parts
  • 1 year – Electrical

Overall length

  • LCO75 with HBT7C/HCT7C: 126.5″
  • LCO75 with HBT8C/HCT8C: 141″
  • LCO75 with HCT10C: 161.5″
  • LCO75 with HCI12: 193.8″


Specifications subject to change without notice