Why Install an Insulated Garage Door?

Cold weather months are on their way to the Northeast.  Your garage door is the largest moving object found in your home.  There are a number of reasons why you should install an insulated garage door.

  • Transfer of cold or hot air.   If your garage is attached to your home unheated  air will pass directly into the living areas of your house.
  • Do you spend time in your garage?  Insulated garage doors keep the interior of your garage much more pleasant during extreme temperature months.
  • If you have a living area above your garage, the hvac load will be reduced with an insulated garage space.
  • An insulated door has a quieter operation and is much more appealing to the eye than non insulated models.

When you are considering a new garage door, be sure to check out the R-value of the model and style.  Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have about the value of buying an insulated garage door.


r value chart


What is R-value?

R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction  industry. Specifically, R-value is thermal resistance to heat flow. Many manufacturers use R-values to show the energy efficiency of their product. This number is calculated based on the thickness of the insulation and its chemical properties.

The higher the R-value number, the better the insulating properties of the material. However, an R-16 value is not twice as good as an R-8 Value. R-16 does not offer twice as much thermal resistance or twice the energy savings of an R-8 value.  A value of R-16 offers a 5% reduction in heat flow and a 5% improvement  energy efficiency than a value of R-8, not 50%.

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